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Further below are PDFs of posters for this website, so you can help spread the word – so that more people will be able to find this site and the initiatives listed here.

There are also image files of each poster (B&W bilingual + colour English) to use online.

And, there are links further below to other PDF print materials:
* Flyers with health info, and in multiple languages.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: If you are printing to distribute, please take safety precautions!

Included here are safety precautions (adapted from COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK and QueerCare). Remember that many people without symptoms can still transmit the virus.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS – For printing and distribution

(rough guidelines, please be responsible)

  • Printing
    * Wash your hands thoroughly before taking paper into and out of the printer. Put the printed posters / leaflets directly into a ziploc (or similar) bag. Don’t stockpile excess leaflets.
  • Leafleting / Distributing to mailboxes or mail slots, etc:
    (Remember that mail and other deliveries are still operating in this crisis, and make sure your mutual aid print distribution is as safe or safer than those services)
    * Ensure that as far as possible we are not exposing people to the virus and putting anyone at more harm. These are guidelines to follow – you should not do this if you are ill at all.
    * Leaflets should be stored in smaller piles within ziploc bags
    * Follow social distancing guidelines; don’t leaflet in large groups; avoid physical contacts or exchanging resources
    * Make sure to wash your hands well before starting; use hand sanitiser at regular intervals if able; wise use of gloves can also help.
    * Only one person should handle leaflets from each bag; put them directly from the bag to the mailbox / through the door for each house; minimising contact as far as possible.
    * Make sure to wash your hands after you are finished too
  • Distributing Posters:
    * Postering can use similar safety precautions as leafletting (above).
    * Business that are still open can be asked to put a poster in their window – maybe they would even prefer to print and post it themselves.
    * Multi-unit apartment or condo building lobbies or noticeboards are good places too.
    * Poster outside where-ever may be appropriate.


POSTER and other PDFs:

Click here for the bilingual 8.5″x11″ poster PDF file to print for this website, and click here for the colour, English-only ‘Rosie Riveter’ PDF version* (posters as appear embedded below).
(*credit for the Rosie Riveter mutual aid poster design: @nicoleMcomix)

Ontario Public Health COVID-19 fact-sheets and different languages information sheets (30 different languages, but is relatively older info).

Guide autosoins – COVID-19 (

This web page has listings of materials (print and otherwise) in many, many different languages from all around the world:
* COVID-19 information by language