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Actions and Advocacy from Local Organizations

  • re: COVID-19 and Homelessness
    An open letter to Mayor Watson and Ottawa City, signed by a number of community partners and agencies re: the urgent need to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst people experiencing homelessness and precarious housing in Ottawa. From the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa.
    * Read more and contact the mayor, your councillor, MPP and MP


Actions and Advocacy – Regional, National, International

  • COVID-19: We need HELP now
    We urgently need Health Emergency Labour Protections (H.E.L.P.) from the provinces and federal government, including 21 paid emergency leave days for ALL, greater access to employment insurance and an emergency fund that leaves no one behind.
    * Sign petition from Fight For $15 & Fairness. Twitter @fairwagesnow
  • GENERAL STRIKE! No Work, No Shopping: Friday May 1st
    We Need Systems Change, Not Just Relief and Reform. The Capitalist System Can’t Resolve this Crisis.
    We need to develop a broad united front organized around short-term and long-term aims. We need to assess connections between unions of all sorts and organized labor, and begin reaching out to other poor and working-class people from within our places of work, our places of living, our places of worship, and our places of leisure.
    * Call for participation and outreach, from Cooperation Jackson :
    * Video of talk (with Q&A p1 & Q&A p2) by Cooperation Jackson member Kali Akuno in Ottawa, November 2019, moderated by Adrian Harewood



How To Beat Coronavirus Capitalism
Webinar recording from March 26, hosted by Haymarket Books
* Featuring: Naomi Klein, Astra Taylor, and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, and musical performance by Lia Rose. (see image below for summary)

Movement Building in the Time of the Coronavirus Crisis
Webinar recording from April 2, hosted by Working Families Party
* Featuring: Angela Davis, Naomi Klein, Maurice Mitchell, Cindy Wiesner, Thenjiwe McHarris, and more.

Image credit: @lizar_tistry