Mutual Aid, Information, and Supports organized around the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis for the 613/819 region – Ottawa, Gatineau, East Ontario, and West Quebec – Algonquin Anishinabeg territory.

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  • Latest update – May 10:
    Introduced the new formats of the four tables and forms below.
    They are not yet embedded within the other pages of this site, and need to be populated with all the listings we have (and ones we don’t have – especially from Gatineau, and outside of the two municipalities).
    After doing so, the next main aims are to work on language issues (bilingualism), and to create a printable sheet with a list of support phone numbers for use as handout.

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The idea for this site, is that crowd-sourcing can help maintain comprehensive listings, so that people can access the full variety of initiatives available in one spot.

There are 4 separate tables of listings maintained for this site and one feedback form.

We need your help – Please add any entries you know of that aren’t already included.
Note there are many entries on this site’s other pages, that are not yet in the tables.

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    Local general* mutual aid and supports: Click for form
    *Each offer multiple, varied types of aid, customized to individual requests.
    These include most Facebook groups, and neighbourhood mutual aid groups.

    Initiatives focused on providing a specific support(s): Click for form
    Examples: That solely offer food, or delivery services, or a phone hotline, or …

    Collective advocacy initiatives: Click for form
    This lists organization, calls to actions, webinars, and media coverage of efforts that work on issues to change policies and structures that affect us collectively.

    Other compiled directories, and Information resources: Click for form
    This includes how-to guides, lists of local businesses / restaurants, …

    and Feedback about this website: Click for form
    Suggestions, concerns, questions, offers to volunteer and/or other messages for this site. For example: Is there an item listed in one of the tables that needs revisions? Or maybe the table’s format overall, or the static content of a page?
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Local general mutual aid and supports

Initiatives focused on providing a specific support(s)

Collective advocacy initiatives

Other compiled directories, and Information resources


Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis – Mutual aid for the 613/819 region, Algonquin Anishinabeg Territory