aims to connect people in the Ottawa / Gatineau area who need support or want to offer support to their neighbours and community members during the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

We are looking to launching a support exchange hub where people can request and offer support and solidarity. Keep your eye out for that on this site!

NOTE: If you are experiencing fever, dry cough or shortness of breath, please seek immediate medical attention but call in advance to learn about the provider’s protocols. Learn more from Ottawa Public Health here.
(Mild symptoms = Self-isolate. Moderate symptoms = Go to get tested. Severe symptoms = Seek immediate medical help.)

*This website is still a work in progress. If you have suggestions to add, please use the form (forthcoming) or email us.

Please look through the sub-pages listed at the top of this website to connect with what you are looking for!

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City of Gatineau:

City of Ottawa:

Ottawa Public Health:

Public Health Ontario:

Government of Ontario:

Government of Quebec:

Service Canada:

World Health Organization (WHO):

Information on accessing the Emergency Care Benefit, Emergency Support Benefit, Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits, EI Caregiver Benefits and Child Care Benefit, and rules employers need to follow. Document compiled by Dr. Jennifer Robinson, Carleton University:

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You will soon be able to volunteer to fulfill support requests via this site. Coming soon!

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