Greetings / Bonjour / Kwe Kwe, welcome to the website.

This site is intended to facilitate people to find support and help each other through the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

It is also intended to nurture the collective capacity to help steer social change in ways that are needed for a better societal order.

It is intended to cover the areas of Ottawa, Gatineau, Eastern Ontario, and Western Quebec.

This pandemic can be difficult materially and emotionally. Supporting each other through mutual aid can help us all.

This main page will be developed further to help guide you in how to use this website.. but for now:
Please look through the sub-pages listed at the top of this site to connect with what you are looking for!

If you are experiencing severe symptoms, please seek immediate medical attention. Learn more from the Ottawa Public Health website here.

*This website is still a work in progress. If you haveĀ  feedback or suggestions to add, please email us.

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